That Little MonsterThat Little Monster is the tale of a young girl who wants to baby-sit.  She finds a job as a baby-sitter and little does she know this isn’t going to be your normal baby-sitting job.  The parents are a bit odd, there is a crazy comedian there, played by Reggie Bannister, but things really go wrong when she has to meet the baby.  She never takes a look at the baby until it’s time to feed it, now it’s too late and she must deal with this little monster.

The movie opens with a little intro where we learn that no babies were harmed during the making of this feature.  Soon we meet Jamie, our young star.  She’s waiting to be interviewed so she can get a baby-sitting job.  She sees the parents and they hire her, though we really don’t get a good look at their faces.  Later it’s the night she has to baby-sit and the parents are going to a costume ball.  This is the first time she sees the parents.  The parents leave and it’s just Jamie and the baby.  Jamie then goes to feed the baby, but that’s where things start to go downhill.  The baby isn’t exactly normal, and it has a face only a mother could love.  Now the baby is very angry and Jamie must get away from this little monster.

I really didn’t know what to expect from this film.  The box says that it had won a Golden Scroll Award for Outstanding Achievement from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films, so I was sure this film should please.  The movie is really short, not even an hour long.  It was also filmed in black and white.  This film managed to entertain, and the creature effects were pretty good.  It also had some good humor in there.  One thing though, if it was me, I wouldn’t have stayed in that house after I saw that baby.  I would have left very quickly instead of sticking around.  Anyway, this movie is a pretty good movie to check out.  I give it a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on September 18, 2008

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