Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2It has been nearly a decade since we first heard the tale of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Since the case has been closed, bizarre deaths involving a chainsaw have been reported over the years.  The police regarded them as accidents only.  Now, Lefty Enright, the uncle of Sally and Franklin, has come for revenge because he knows that the crazed chainsaw killers are still in Texas, and these deaths were no accident.

Stretch owns a local radio station, and one night during her show she gets an obscene caller who is out raising hell through Texas.  They leave Stretch on the phone and end up running into Leatherface.  Leatherface kills both of them and Stretch has it all on tape.  The next day, Stretch goes to see Lefty, a sheriff.  She tells Lefty how she has evidence that these boys were murdered and that it wasn’t just an accident.  Lefty tells her to play it over the radio so that everyone else will believe her.  When she does, she sparks the interest of the cannibalistic family and now they want to make sure that she doesn’t show it again, so they decide to pay her a visit.

I consider the original film as one of the best horror films ever made, right behind Evil Dead.  Sadly, this sequel does not live up to the original.  The original film was filmed in a documentary style with no humor and it was a truly frightening film.  This one on the other hand is more of a comedy with some decent gore.  Leatherface isn’t as menacing in this film and I didn’t really care for many of the characters.  The only character that stood out to me was ChopTop, played by Bill Moseley.  He really steals the show here.  I would have liked to see his character return for one of the sequels, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  This is an ok movie to watch on B-Movie night, but don’t expect it to be as good as the original  film.  I give it a 5 out of 10.

Posted on September 18, 2008

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