Terror TractJohn Ritter is Bob Carter, a real estate agent having a tough time selling his three top listings.  Sure the homes have blood-soaked histories, but these are top-notch houses!  As Bob takes prospective byers to each of the homes, recounting the gory fate of theprevious owners, they become apprehensive about buying.  But Bob works for an agency whose incentive plan is so good, he would just kill to make a sale.

Not exactly the best movie, and it isn’t as good as the other movie the dvd comes with, “Cherry Falls,”  but it’s still a pretty good little horror film.   Each story in this movie is told by John Ritter as he tries to get a couple to buy the house.  Since there are three parts to this movie, I will give my opinion on this movie as if it were three different films.  First of all there is the story “Nightmare” about a wife and lover who murder her husband only to have him return to kill the wife.  I found this one to be very interesting and kind of creepy at times.  The second part it called “Bobo” and it’s about a killer monkey.   This one wasn’t all that great.  Sure, it had it’s moments, but it was just too cheesy.  The last part is called “Come to Granny” and it’s about a boy who has visions of a killer wearing a granny mask.  This one was my favorite story, and I think they could have made a pretty good movie out of this one instead of making it into a story for this film.  I give this movie 6 out of 10 stars.

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Posted on September 18, 2008

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