Featured Review TenebreA novelist named Peter Neal is promoting his latest release in Rome when a killer who is obsessed with his works is killing people according to his novel.  Now Peter is teaming up with the detectives in order to help solve the case of who is mimicing his work.

I had heard so many bad things about this film.   It seemed like every review that I read they said that this was Argento’s worst film, and it wasn’t as good as some of his other films like Opera or Suspiria, but this one isn’t really like his other films.  This one is just a pure mystery.  It is quite interesting and does keep you wanting to figure out who the killer is.  It also isn’t as fast paced as some of his other films.  But it’s still not a bad film.   The grand finale of this movie is a complete blood-fest.  Which is surpriseing considering the rest of the movie wasn’t that brutal at all.  Throughout the film we witness flashbacks of something that happened years ago, and we assume that it has to do with the killer.  Until later one where we witness in one of the flashbacks the girl being killed.  This film has a good plot and the surprise ending is quite shocking.   Figuring it out is a bit more complicated in this film then it is in his other films.  There was one scene that is brought to mind during this film that was good for a laugh, it was the scene where the killer was chasing a girl and what does she do?   She throws paper at him.  Needless to say, the paper didn’t help much.   The real gore in this film is at the end.  There is one scene where this girl gets her arm cut off, and that was one of the bloodiest dismemberment’s I have seen in a Dario Argento film.  Still, this is definitely one to check out if you are an Argento fan.  I give this one a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on September 14, 2008

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