When it comes to non English films, there will always be a segment of the horror movie crowd that simply must expand its vision of horror into new countries, especially to check out the latest from different parts of the world that may be able to offer a whole new twist on our favorite genre. This particular movie, Taxidermia, is from Hungary in Eastern Europe so if you do not speak Hungarian you will have to make do with the subtitles. Fortunately, director Gyorgy Palfi has created a film that does just fine with subtitles and has enough visual impact to definitely leave a mark on your mind. This is cinema like you might not have seen for a while and it starts off with a bang – literally.

To really get the point across as to what sort of movie this is, it is crucial to explain what you will be seeing once the film starts up. To be tactful about this is difficult, but essentially there is a male character who will be shooting fire from his, um, member. That is one way that this film set out to set itself apart from others in the genre and certainly makes sure that you are ready for a whole different experience than other films might be attempting to create. Any semblance of appropriateness can be tossed out the window in the first few minutes. That starts off the movie in a way most viewers will find either excruciating or truly enchanting – you will have to make that call.

For those who want to delve in the absolute darkest regions of shock cinema – this is your movie! If you thought the family of Leatherneck from Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a bit shocking, look what the Hungarians are able to do. This is several generations of truly messed up familial connections and the whole thing is shot in an artistic, almost grand guignol type of way. The gore is so utterly over the top and the depravity so beyond base that it’s practically a psychedelic experience. The first person we run into is a guy with a hair lip that is a bit of a male version of the nymphomaniac. He’s not at all typical of most males with this condition, but instead is taking out his frustrations (or desire?) on walls, dead animals and pretty much anyone he can come into contact with – no pun intended. There are animal killings in this film and all sorts of self mutilating moments that are absolutely 100% not appropriate for children – but this is, after all, underground horror cinema and important, at that.

The film gets so weird and so utterly vile that words are always going to fail to describe it. There is a baby with a tail, creepy cats being bred in basements and just about every sort of surreal and darkly awful thing you can fathom.

Oh, and there is some taxidermy in the movie, as well. Will you want to see it? Should you see it? That choice has to be left up to you, but one thing is for sure – this is a movie that will not be topped by too many others when it comes to pure creepiness. If you want to say WTF for a couple hours – this is your movie!

Posted on April 19, 2010

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