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The Wolf Man (Upcoming)


Director: Joe Johnston
Screenplay: Andrew Kevin Walker, David Self
Screen Manager: Shelly Johnson
Production: 2009, USA

Cussed as an author, Lawrence Talbot, brother of the family’s home back after extinction. Separate living together again with the father, and together they started to call his brother. Are aware of the fate awaiting him is scary.
Finished the night his mother died [...]

Wrong Turn


When a group of campers get lost in the woods they drive over barb-wire and end up getting stuck in the middle of a deserted dirt road.  When Chris Finn is late for a meeting and decides to take a short cut, he crashes his car into theirs.  Now, four of them go in search [...]

Within the Woods


Before making the cult classic, The Evil Dead, director Sam Raimi needed funding for the movie.  So what he did was he made this film as the prequel to his film The Evil Dead.  He made a short, 30 minutes in length, film and with the help of some of his friends, Bruce Campbell being [...]

Witchouse 3: Demon Fire


Annie is in an abusive relationship.  When her boyfriend hits her she leaves and goes to her friends house, Stevie and Rose.  Stevie is a gothic girl with an interest in witchcraft.  When Annie arrives Stevie and Rose are in the middle of doing a documentary on witchcraft.  Stevie talks them into helping out with [...]


The Djinn from part 3 is back and this time he has a victim who will make three wishes.  Once the third wish is granted the Brotherhood of the Djinn shall awaken and the army of the Djinn will be able to walk the earth.  As the third wish is made a new villain called [...]


The third installment in the Wishmaster series brings us all new characters and a new Djinn.  This time the Djinn is played by John Novak.  Diana is a coed who unleashes the Djinn.  The Djinn then takes over the body of the student’s professor and wreaks havoc on the student body at their college.   With [...]

Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies


Evil has been summoned once again when the evil Djinn is awakened by a burglar named Morgana during an art heist. When the Djinn takes blame for the crime, he’s sent to prison where he grants wishes to prisoners in return for their souls, to ultimately structure an army to obliterate all humanity. It’s up [...]



After accedently freeing an evil Djinn from his gemstone prison, an auction house gemologist fights to bring his rampages to an end, as they include stealing the souls of the hapless humans whose wishes bring them to ironic early ends. Heavy on the computer-assisted effects, with some mitigating touches, such as Ted Raimi in a [...]



When Brett Bumpers, a very smart geek, receives a package in the mail containing a piece of a bull, he is granted three wishes.  At first he doesn’t take it seriously.  He is hanging with a friend of his and ends up making a wish that Samantha, the most popular girl in school and the [...]



Willard Stiles is a young man who doesn’t really have anything of his own. He has an ill mother who has never allowed him to do anything himself. He has a job that he doesn’t like and a boss who wants him fired, the only problem is that Willard’s father created the business and [...]