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Tara Reid … Nicky Swift Jonathan Scarfe … Cal Taylor Corbin Bernsen … Burton Genevieve Buechner … Maggie Martin When some genetically added vipers are appear during a break-in at a medical analysis laboratory, it after-effects in affluence of anointed problems in this alarm tale. As the adverse snakes eat aggregate in their aisle and […]



Jamie Lee Curtis plays the navigator of a tugboat crew which loses its cargo during a hurricane.  In the calm eye of the storm, they come across a Russian research ship floating dead on the water.  Boarding the vessel, they initially believe it to be deserted – but they soon realize they’re not alone.  First, […]

Vengeance of the Dead


40 Years ago a family was brutally murdered.   The father was shot to death, the mother was beaten, and the little girl was burned to death when the murderers set the house on fire.  Now it’s 40 years later and it’s present day.  Young Eric has just moved in with is Grandfather at his home […]

Vampires: Los Muertos


Derek Bliss, played by Jon Bon Jovi, is a vampire hunter who has been called to Mexico to kill a pack of vampires.  Once he arrives there to pick up his team, he discovers that they have all been killed before he had the opportunity to join up with them.  Now he teams up with […]



Revenge is sweet, just like a Valentine bondon.  At least, that is what a vengeful, Cupid-masked killer thinks.  Be my valentine…or else.  Broken hearts and other mortal wounds await a cast of contemporary young stars when they play dating-scene veterans dying for love in this humor-laced, twist-filled thriller cleverly directed by Jamie Blanks and starring […]

Van Helsing


Van Helsing is an assassin, hired by a secret organization, to rid the earth of unholy monsters. He keeps the world safe from destruction, in a hopeless attempt to keep the monsters of the world under wraps and out of the limelight. The only problem with this is that he is the most wanted man […]



Versus is one of those movies that has been spreading like wildfire from word of mouth by the horror masses lately, even if it is from 2000. Lately, it seems that Japanese horror is the salvation that North American horror fans have been clamoring for. With Versus, it is no exception. Versus is a movie […]