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Tremors 2: Aftershocks


The Grabiods are back and this time standing still won’t save you.  Burt and Earl return once again to battle the Grabiods as they mutate into smaller Grabiods that run on the ground.  This time if they stand still it won’t save them because these things see you because of your body heat.  The movie […]



A small town has been overrun by freaks.  These people include Dickie, who has a new girlfriend that isn’t exactly alive.  There’s Pricie and Caduceus.  Caduceus is the crazy man who is stalking one of the girls.  Meanwhile two misfits take it upon themselves bash the freaks. The movie opens with us being introduced to […]

The Toolbox Murders


Nell and her husband Steven have just moved into an apartment complex.  This apartment is old and rundown.  Noises flow through the walls, hammering goes on all night, and a killer with a toolbox and wearing a black ski mask roams the apartment, searching through the tenants for victims. We start off fairly quickly with […]



A girl named Kate has been kidnapped by a secret society.  They bring her to a place they call, The Farm, and there they show her the origin of her family.  She is the last remaining of her bloodline and they want her to join with them.  These group of people aren’t normal.  They are […]

The Thing


100,000 years ago a space ship landed in the Antarctic.  An alien being inside crawled out and froze in the snow.  Now, a group of people have discovered that this alien has been freed and is now taking the form of those around them.  This alien can be anywhere and anyone, and no one can […]



As children, Juliet, Billy, Sam, and Terry all had terrifying night terrors.  Now as adults they are starting to realize that maybe their night terrors have more meaning on them than they believed before.  The night terrors are once again returning and the group are now discovering a strange mark that is appearing on each […]

That Little Monster


That Little Monster is the tale of a young girl who wants to baby-sit.  She finds a job as a baby-sitter and little does she know this isn’t going to be your normal baby-sitting job.  The parents are a bit odd, there is a crazy comedian there, played by Reggie Bannister, but things really go […]


Cannibal transvestite Leatherface wreaks havoc once more in this third, postmodern-edged sequel, penned by director Henkel (who co-scripted the original cult classic). Here, his quarry are plucky small-town teens begarbed for their high school prom. Notable for its early work from Texas natives Zellweger and McConaughey, who went on to Hollywood fame–and, according to rumor, […]

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2


It has been nearly a decade since we first heard the tale of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Since the case has been closed, bizarre deaths involving a chainsaw have been reported over the years.  The police regarded them as accidents only.  Now, Lefty Enright, the uncle of Sally and Franklin, has come for revenge because […]

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


When it comes to movies such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series tend to offer (both the originals and the post millennial re-makes), people tend to either love them or hate them. If you already hate the TCM franchise then this film is most likely not going to be the magic potion that changes everything […]