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The Horsemen (2009)


Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Writer: Dave Callahan
Screen Director: Eric Broms
Music: Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
Production: 2009, Canada / USA, 110 min.
Aidan Breslin, even after the death of his wife away to a police detective who is participating in one turn. Has received a new trial, the Armageddon in the Bible of the four on horseback from the road [...]



Milo Ventimiglia

Ted Grey

Michael Weston

Jake Gallo

Alyssa Milano

Gwen Williamson

Lauren Lee Smith

Juliette Bath

Johnny Whitworth

Griffin Cavenaugh

John de Lancie

Dr. Quentin Morris

Mei Melançon

Catherine Ivy

Keir O’Donnell

Ben Stravinsky

Ted Gray is a doctor and graduate from harvard uni. and he met jake gallo who is very good pathology expert for 3 month medical jurisprudence tranier. both of them belive best finder suspect killing
jake has [...]



In 1978 John Carpenters low budget independent movie swept its way across the country on its way to becoming the most successful independent feature of all time (until Blair witch stole its thunder). In its wake ‘Halloween’ gave birth to most of the modern horror movie we know and love. Everything from ‘Friday the 13th’ [...]