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Paranormal Activity (2009)


From the moment we heard about Paranormal Activity, it was clear this movie was going to be a winning horse in the race for the season’s biggest horror newcomer. We’ve hyped this movie because it really did look like something new and different, made with a very low budget and relying more on tension than […]


By now you probably know all about the new thriller Paranormal Activity and how it’s seeking to become the ‘first ever major film release decided by you’ as the site points out. If it gets a million votes through the film’s website, Paramount will release the movie in far more theaters than what is planned […]


With the rising popularity of television series that focus on documenting alleged paranormal events, it is not surprising that a film on this subject would be coming our way. Leave it up to a video game developer to grasp this hot topic and know just how to tackle it. Israeli native Oren Peli is a […]