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The Uninvited (2009)


Actors: Emily Browning (Anna) , Arielle Kebbel (Alex) , David Strathairn (Steven) , Elizabeth Banks (Rachael) , Maya Massar (Anne) , Kevin McNulty (Şerif Emery) Anna, his mother’s tragic death, has returned home after the hospital stay. reduce pain, while full with his father his mother’s sister Rachel is engaged to learn to reproduce again. […]


Actors: Cameron Diaz (Norma Lewis) , James Marsden (Arthur Lewis) , Frank Langella (Arlington Steward) , Gillian Jacobs (Dana Steward) Norma and Arthur Lewis as a child and is a couple who live in the suburbs. One day left in front of the door with a wooden box, all life begins to change. Besides, there […]

The Horsemen (2009)


Director: Jonas Åkerlund Writer: Dave Callahan Screen Director: Eric Broms Music: Jan A.P. Kaczmarek Production: 2009, Canada / USA, 110 min. Aidan Breslin, even after the death of his wife away to a police detective who is participating in one turn. Has received a new trial, the Armageddon in the Bible of the four on […]

The Wolf Man (Upcoming)


Director: Joe Johnston Screenplay: Andrew Kevin Walker, David Self Screen Manager: Shelly Johnson Production: 2009, USA Cussed as an author, Lawrence Talbot, brother of the family’s home back after extinction. Separate living together again with the father, and together they started to call his brother. Are aware of the fate awaiting him is scary. Finished […]

The Cry


Adriana Domínguez … Maria Christian Camargo … Alex Scott Carlos Leon … Sergio Perez Miriam Colon … Gloria the Curandera Kate Blumberg … Judy Hardwich In New York, detective Alex Scott is investigating with his accomplice Sergio Perez the dematerialization of several children. When they appointment the Mexican witch Gloria, the woman advises that a […]