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Saw V (2008)


Type: Horror / Suspense / Action / Mystery / Thriller
Display Date: 24 October 2008
Director: David Hackl
Screenplay: Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan
Director: David A. Armstrong
Music: Charlie Clouser
Production: 2008, USA, 92 min.

Julie Benz (Brit) , Meagan Good (Luba) , Shawnee Smith (Amanda Young) , Scott Patterson (Agent Strahm) , Tobin Bell (Jigsaw / John [...]

Living Hell (2008)


Johnathon Schaech

Frank Sears

Erica Leerhsen

Carrie Freeborn

James McDaniel

Colonel Eric Maitland

Jason Wiles

Glenn Freeborn

Terence Jay

Sgt. Arbogast

Charissa Allen

Pfc. Aneta McQueen

Dylan Kenin

Sgt. Teegarden

In a top abstruse Cold War aggressive activity an unstoppable, cancerous animal who feeds on ablaze and activity is unleashed, aggressive to abort aggregate in it’s path, and the alone being who can stop it is a abecedary Frank [...]

Alive or Dead (2008)


A adolescent woman is travelling down an abandoned country alley if her car gets two collapsed tires. She sees an old bus with the words “help me” allegedly accounting assimilate the window with blood. She gets assimilate it to investigate it and finds a adult chained to a bench with a affectation about her head. [...]