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When little Michael Myers was 6 years old, he murdered his sister in cold blood. Now for the past 15 years he has been locked away from the world. He has set in silence waiting for Halloween night, 1978. When that night comes he will break out and return home to finish off his other […]



For three people backpacking across a Slovakian city, what promises to be the time of their life soon turns into the worst nightmare any of them could have dreamed of. As one by one, they go missing, they each soon discover that this Hostel has a terrifying art show, where these characters are the main […]

House on Haunted Hill


Steven Price is a wealthy amusement park owner who invites several strangers to his shrewish wife’s birthday party, this year held in the abandoned Vannacutt Institute for the Mentally Insane. There, he offers a prize of one million dollars to each party-goer who can spend the entire night in the creepy and cavernous building. As […]

House of 1,000 Corpses


After more than two years of build up, delays, and hype we have finally been graced with this long awaited and assumed new classic of horror. Albeit by the powers of peer to peer file sharing we have finally got to see the movie I once described as my hope film. Hope that it would […]