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Book of Blood (2008)


Type: Horror Display Date: May 8, 2009 Director: John Harrison Scenario: John Harrison, Darin Silverman, Clive Barker (Book) Image Director: Philip Robertson Music: Guy Farley Production: 2008, England Actors: Jonas Armstrong (Simon McNeal) , Sophie Ward (Mary Florescu) , Paul Blair (Reg Fuller) —— The presence of higher powers of nature and the event lasts […]

Babysitter Wanted (2008)


There will always be room in the field of horror movies for the type of tale that will prey upon the fears of the average teen girl or guy. After all, horror is a reflection of our own fears in our own lives up there on the big screen. Michael Manasseri and Jonas Barnes appear […]

Boy Eats Girl (2005)


Actors; Samantha Mumba … Jessica David Leon … Nathan Tadhg Murphy … Diggs Laurence Kinlan … Henry nathan likes jessica so much,they study same scholl but nathan cant explan his love to jessica.One day,nathan saw jessica with a boy and he decided to die and he kill hisself. Nathan’s mom cant resist her son’s die […]

Cabin by the Lake


A screenwriter named Stanley Caldwell is working on a new screenplay.  But to finish his script he must do research, so he kidnaps young girls and drowns them in the lake.  Once he kidnaps a young woman named Mallory everything is about to fall apart.   She survives her attempted murder and tells the police about […]

Bride of Frank


Whenever truckers go out to make deliveries, they find various people living on the streets, that they then bring back to their place of work, as helpers. Frank, who is the main character in this film, happens to be one of the people that got picked up as a helper by his particular company. Every […]

Blood Cult


A string of sorority co-ed mutilations are occurring in a small Oklahoma town.  In each case, the killer took one of the victims body parts and left a golden amulet.  The town sheriff, also trying to save his chances of re-election, decides to take the case.  His only clue is a story of an ancient […]


It has been three months since Buffy sacrificed herself to save the world and her sister’s life.  After three long months without Buffy, her friends decide to do something about it.  Willow, now an even more powerful witch, plans on bringing Buffy back to life.  Now that Willow’s spell has worked, Buffy must cope with […]


In Buffy’s most apocalyptic season yet, Buffy must face a god named Glory.  Glory is a good that used to rule a hell dimension with two other gods.  She became very powerful and the other two gods decided to get rid of her before she got rid of them.  The other two gods barely won […]


In Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 4, the Scoobies have a new challenge awaiting them, and that is college.  Now that the high school has been blown to bits, Buffy and her friends have moved on and are now at Sunnydale University, well everyone except Xander and Giles, but they’re still apart of the gang.  […]


After Buffy’s fight with the Master the Hell mouth has been closed.  She goes away for the summer and only returns to find that vampires are still in this town, and Buffy must once again stop them, only this time the vampires are much more frightening than before.  Two new vampires have come to Sunnydale, […]