SuspiriaNow this is the way to view Suspiria!  People have said they hated this DVD because Anchor Bay messed up the sound.  Well I don’t know how it sounded when it was in theaters or anywhere else because I only saw it once on VHS a long time ago.  When I saw it on DVD it was like seeing it for the first time.   This time I viewed the movie with surround sound and I thought the sound was excellent.  The soundtrack really came at you from all angles, completely surrounding you.  The picture quality was very good, but I noticed a bit of grain in some dark scenes.  But it was nothing that would ruin the DVD.  As you can tell it is loaded with extras.  Goblin’s soundtrack with this movie makes it all the better.   I liked the U.S. Trailer much better then the International Trailer because it was more of a trailer then the other one was.  It has some nice extras.  The first disc is sold separately as the regular Suspiria DVD.  But on the Limited Edition you get a 52 minute Documentary that is very interesting.  People said they have seen this Documentary many times before, but I had never seen it.  Disc 3 is the Goblin soundtrack and it is very haunting.  I had waited to get this DVD, it was selling for $45.00 at my local movie store, and I saw the regular one for $25.00.  I wasn’t sure if the Documentary and Soundtrack was really worth the extra 20 bucks.  Well I was at Best and noticed that they had the Limited Edition for $27.00 so I quickly purchased this Limited Edition.  And for that low of a price it was a steal.  I would even recommend this DVD with the 45 dollar price tag.  This is a Limited Edition with only 60,000 copies made, so you better hurry and get this horror classic before you have to get the regular version.  I give this DVD a 10 out of 10.

Posted on July 24, 2008

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