SuperstitionPlot: In the mid 1700’s a witch was drowned in a small, quiet American town, by churchgoers. She was drowned in a small pond, and doomed to stay in the water because of a cross that was placed in the water (It wouldn’t allow her to leave during the day, at least. The movie seemed to have different theories about that).

In the present time, the land is donated to the church that has stood in that town since the time the witch was killed. The only thing though, is the fact that the witch is still very much alive and is willing to kill anyone that comes near it. This is where the ‘fun’ lies, as a new pastor and his family are about to move in…

The only people who know about this witch though, are the 2 members of the family of caretakers, who are there to protect her secret. Everyone thinks they’re weird, but they may be the only ones who can help them, by letting them know some vital information before it’s too late.

It is up to a young Reverend, who is in charge of the church to save them from their fate, using ancient history as his ‘ammunition’, if you wish. Somebody is finally going to face the witch one on one, face to face. Will he survive? Or will he become one of the dead?   Watch this and find out, for yourself.

Review: I bought this movie thinking nothing much of it. It was seemed interesting, and I needed to get one more movie so I could get 3 for $9.99. I just grabbed it and hoped it was good. Let me just say that it blew away my low expectations and made me happy that I had bought it. This movie may be cheesy, but it kept my attention and was fun to watch. The deaths are okay, there’s some blood, and the actors do a pretty good job, with what they have. The effects are noticeably cheesy, and the girls are attractive. A good way to spend an hour and a half.

This movie is worth at least a rental, if you can find it, because I hadn’t heard of it until the day I saw it for sale, and I was really happy with my purchase. Check it out.

Rental or Purchase: Rental if you can find it.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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Posted on July 15, 2008

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