Street Zombies (a.k.a. Ozone)While this hardly lives up to other Tempe releases that are loaded with extras, this is still a decent disc.  The fact that Ozone is even available on DVD should have indie fans rejoicing. The film looks a whole lot better than any previous incarnation and the sound is a major upgrade.  The commentary track is one of the best I’ve heard recently and is just as enjoyable as the film itself.  Tempe has already announced that plans are underway for a 2 disc special edition due out some time in early 2004.  While that is great news that doesn’t make this disc obsolete.  The commentary track here isn’t supposed to be on that release so that alone makes this a quality release and a required buy for Tempe fans.  All others should at least give this a rent.  I’d give this a higher rating but it just needed more extras.  Bring on the special edition.  I need my fix.    6 out of 10

Posted on July 18, 2008

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