There are all sorts of frat or sorority oriented horror flicks out there. When there are parties, be they mixed gender or all of one gender – there is bound to be trouble if it’s in a horror flick. This is especially true for guys, isn’t it? In the UK they refer to a bachelor party as a stag party and that’s what we have with this movie, directed by a Mr. Peter A. Dowling whom you might know as the man who wrote Flight Plan’s script. This is his first movie to direct and it ends up being a bit of a different twist on a number of horror sub genres. As you might have guessed, the premise is a bunch of lads out for a night on the town and things end up going horrifically wrong for them, ruing what might otherwise have been a great pairing of two of their favorite things: booze and boobies. Instead, we take a turn for the nightmarish and we head far below ground, down into the dark reaches of the subway.

The subway is not the typical sort that you might expect, but rather a place that is a little bit older in some areas than it ought to be. This results in the group, who have been ejected from a strip joint and are a wee bit tipsy, staggering their way into a zone of the subterranean labyrinth that they really ought not to have visited. It turns out that some of the subway has not bee in use for several decades and, as a result, there are homeless people living back there that probably have not seen the light of day in just as many decades themselves. These folks are not real hot on the above grounders and they rapidly find a way to show their disapproval through the most murderous of means. To put it bluntly, they attack and swarm our characters with a savagery once reserved for natives of areas that did not want these same types of blokes colonizing their territory. The nice thing is that the whole time the audience knows that just above ground, where no one can hear them obviously, there is a whole world of help in the form of cops and other citizens that characters simply are not going to be able to get a hold of – all because they haven’t got a signal on their mobile phones. A little message about technological dependencies there.

Dowling does such a great job with the shots in this movie and it really is lovingly put together. Many first time films will have a “something missing” that is simple lack of experience, but the details here have been handled brilliantly so the film doesn’t feel blocky at all. Instead, we get a very rich cinematic experience. Especially considering the fact that we’re essentially watching a bunch of drunk boys try to escape marauding bums in heavy make up. The action is rapid and the pacing does not suffer with too much lingering. Plenty of action in this one and a fair amount of really well done death scenes that don’t forget the special little details that really gross you out.

Overall, Stag Party UK succeeds as a scary movie and definitely worth checking out.

Posted on September 30, 2011

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