Stage FrightMichele Soavi made his directorial debut with this film.  Stage Fright is about a group of people who are working on a play.  They are a group of no-name actors trying to make it big, and they see this play as their big break.  Soon, a killer breaks loose from an insane asylum and heads to the studio.   There he dresses up as the killer in the play, locks the doors with no key to be found, and he kills them one by one.  Now it’s a battle for survival as the actors try to find the key to the doors and escape before this killer makes them meet their brutal death.

I had heard so much about Michele Soavi, but I had never seen any of his films.  This was my first experience in his films and I was pleasently surprised.  Stage Fright starts off slowly with the actors trying to work in the play, but when a girl gets hurt, her and her friend go to the hospital and when they come back a killer has followed them.  The director of the play really wants to get this play going, and when a girl is brutally murdered outside, he locks everyone inside the building, thinking they are safe, so they can finish working on the play.   Little did he know that the killer is already inside and the one person who knows where the key is has just been murdered.  The final 45 minutes of this film are extremely violent and gory.  We get arms cut off, heads cut off, people torn in half, people cut apart by chainsaws, pick-axe through the face, etc.  Michele Soavi really knows how to make a good slasher, and the killer really made me believe he was insane.   When the killer sets the stage up with the dead bodies, I couldn’t help but think about just how crazy Michele Soavi made this killer.  So, check out this film if you’re a slasher fan.  It’s an Italian horror film, and is a really good one.  I give this film a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on July 18, 2008

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