SplicedMary loves horror films, only her parents don’t allow her to watch them.  There is this new film that has entered theaters called “The Wisher” and it’s smashing box office records.  The audience finds this film to be one of the scariest movies ever made.  Mary and her friends decide to go and see this movie for themselves and when Mary goes back home, she discovers that something evil has followed her home and every time she makes a wish, something horrible happens.  Has this demon from the film arrived in the real world stalking Mary, or is Mary just imagining everything?

Mary is getting ready to celebrate her sixteenth birthday and as she cuts the cake, blood pours from the cake.  Her father then decides to eat some of it as Mary goes running out of the house.  Soon, Mary wakes up and realizes that it was just a dream.  Even though she’s a “die-hard” horror fan, she gets scared very easily.  The next day at school, her and her friends decide to go see a new movie called The Wisher, which is getting rave reviews and destroying all other films at the box office.  She tells her parents that she’s getting ready to go to see this movie when they refuse because they don’t allow her to watch horror films.  She goes anyway and once she’s there she sees the opening death scene and it makes her so sick she has to go home.  Must be a true die hard horror fan to not be able to sit through a cheesy death scene.  Later on, a crazed killer has followed Mary home and is now making her every wish into a dark nightmare.

The opening scene sounds cheesy when written down, but after watching it, it was rather well done.  After that, we get to know Mary’s character, the supposed horror fanatic.  We are also introduced to other pointless characters who are in the film for some unknown and pointless reason.  By the time the killer starts to kill people, you are bored completely out of your mind, and the kills are so much of a waste of time that it amazes me to see how I even managed to make it through this.  The killer looks like one of the guys from the band Slipknot, and he has these pieces of glass tied onto his fingers, much like Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies has, though he has razors in his hand, this killer called The Wisher has pieces of glass.  If you want to see this film, then go right ahead.  You may enjoy it, or you may end up like me and wondering why you just wasted an hour and a half of your time watching a Freddy rip off.  I give this movie a 2 out of 10.

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Posted on July 18, 2008

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