Spider-ManPeter Parker is a young teenager who works for the school paper.  While his class is on a field trip looking at spiders Peter gets bitten by a new breed of spider.  Soon Peter is has these new powers where he can climb up walls, shoot web out of his wrists, and leap far distances.  Now with his new powers he decides to help people who are being attacked by criminals.  Though Peter’s time saving the innocent easily is cut short when another super human has shown up on the streets of New York.  This new super human is being called the Green Goblin and he wants Spiderman to join his side in evil, but when Spiderman won’t join him, he decides to be Spiderman’s enemy and now it’s up to Spiderman to save New York and stop the Green Goblin.

We are introduced to Mary Jane Watson right at the beginning of the movie.  We hear Peter Parker’s voice over as he tells us how much he’d love to be the guy sitting next to MJ, or even the guy sitting in front of her.  Soon we meet Peter, he is busy chasing after the bus since the bus left him.  He running beside it and trying to get the driver’s attention.  Mary Jane decides to tell the bus driver to stop to let Peter on, and he does.  Later that afternoon Peter’s class is on a field trip.  There he decides to take pictures for the school paper.  Peter talks Mary Jane into letting him take her picture next to the case where the spiders are in, while he does this a spider that had gotten out lands on Peter’s hand and bites him.  This spider is a new breed of spider and Peter doesn’t tell anyone.  He goes home that night and is very sick.  The next morning Peter wakes up and notices that he doesn’t need his glasses to see anymore, and he somehow over the night grew muscles.  While at school he is eating lunch and notices that things are sticking to his hands.  Soon a web-like substance shoots from his hand and it grabs a lunch tray.  It shoots back at him, he ducks and it his Mary Jane’s boyfriend.  Peter then leaves the lunch room and Flash, Mary Jane’s boyfriend, follows.  In the hallway Flash decides to attack Peter, but when he does Peter notices he is able to dodge all the punches with ease, something he has never been able to do now.  Flash runs at Peter and Peter is able to jump right over him.  Peter ends up throwing a punch at Flash and knocks him across the hallway.  Later that afternoon, Peter realizes he is able to climb up walls and can use his webs to swing on things.  Peter gets a lesson from his Uncle, who is killed by a robber, that it is up to Peter on who the man is that he’ll become.  Uncle Ben says “With great power comes great responsibility.  It is up to you on what kind of man you become.”  Peter takes this lesson and when his uncle is killed, he goes after the murderer.  This is where Peter realizes that he must become Spiderman and help others with his new gift he has received.  Everything is going good until he meets his most vicious villain he will meet, The Green Goblin.

I know, this isn’t a horror movie but I wanted to review it anyway.  Besides, this movie was directed by Sam Raimi, who did The Evil Dead, and it has cameo’s with Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi, so I felt that I needed to review it anyway.  Well, I enjoyed the movie X-Men when it came out, but comparing Spiderman to X-Men there is no competition.  Spiderman makes X-Men look like a horrible movie when they are compared.  Spiderman has more humor, a cool villain, and it was a great time to watch.  Many people have complained about the use of CGI in this movie, but it’s not really that noticeable.  I thought it was done very well, and this movie is entertaining from start to finish.  Peter Parker gets bitten by the spider within the first 10 minutes and starts his changes very quickly.  The movie is filled with action throughout the entire movie and it just comes to show that Sam Raimi is one of the best directors out right now.  This is the first one of his newer movies that I have seen, I haven’t seen any of his movies since Army of Darkness, and this movie just shows that he hasn’t lost a thing, instead he has improved quite a bit.  If you’re a fan of Spiderman, or a fan of Sam Raimi, or just a fan of good movies, I highly recommend this movie.  It is entertaining and very fun and one of the best movies I have seen in a while.  I give Spiderman a 10 out of 10.

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Posted on July 18, 2008

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