Soul SurvivorsOne night four friends; Cassie, Annabel, Matt, and Sean, are out driving home from a party.  They have had a little bit to drink and Cassie and Sean are angry with one another because of something that happened earlier that night.  Soon they are in a horrible car accident and Sean is killed.  Now Cassie must deal with her loss as her friends, Annabel and Matt, try to help her out.   Eventually things start to go wrong as Sean seems to have returned from beyond the grave and is making contact with Cassie.  Matt and Annabel are acting strange, and now there seems to be a group of madmen after Cassie.  The world of living has truly crossed over with the world of the dead.

The movie starts out with Cassie and her friends getting into a car accident.  Soon Cassie is seeing visions of things.  She sees Sean, she sees herself bleeding when she’s not, and quite a bit of other things as well.   As the film progresses we learn that Cassie really can’t trust anyone, though she does find a friend in a priest named Jude, who is played by Luke Wilson.  Though things still really aren’t what they seem, even around Jude.  One minute Cassie will be perfectly fine, then the next she is being chased by a crazed madman, only to find that once she gets out in the open the madman is gone.  All this continues until the films shocking ending.

I remember seeing the preview for this film a year ago when I saw a movie in theaters, though I can’t remember which film it was exactly.   But needless to say I was looking forward to this film, yet I never did get the chance to see it up until it was finally released on VHS/DVD in February 2002.  That was quite a long wait for the first time I heard it was supposed to be released back in April 2001.  Well, when it finally was released I had heard nothing but bad reviews for this film, so I was a bit hesitant about buying it.  I’m not the kind of person who rents movies often, I usually just go ahead and buy them.  Oh well, needless to say I actually found myself enjoying this film to some extent.  It was by no means a wonderful horror film at all.  In fact, I’m really not sure I would call it a horror film.  There was really nothing scary about this movie at all.  It didn’t have the suspense that it could have had.  I did like the story of this film, and it did manage to keep my attention throughout the entire film.  I guess the real flaw with this movie is that I really don’t think it even knew what genre it wanted to be in.   It seemed as if it was going to try and be a horror film, but it failed at doing that.  It tried to be a suspense film, but I never found it suspenseful.  I still really don’t know what kind of movie I would call it.  All in all, if you liked those recent slasher movies that were released, I think you’ll probably enjoy this.   Even though it’s not a slasher movie, it does have that same feel to it.  So overall, I found this movie to be good at times, but it couldn’t live up to its potential.   I give it a 5 out of 10.

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Posted on July 15, 2008

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