SleeplessIn 1983 there were three brutal murders commited by a killer known as The Killer Dwarf.  He would kill through the story of a Nursery Rhyme.  The Killer Dwarf was eventually found in a lake, where he commited suicide.   Now it’s seventeen years later and murders are starting up again.  Back on the case is Ulisse Moretti, played by actor Max von Sydow.  He was in charge of the Killer Dwarf murders years before and has since then retired.  Now he and a past victim’s child are teaming up to discover the shocking truth behind what was started seventeen years earlier, as they discover that the killer is going by a nursery rhyme and only completely half of the nursery rhyme years before, and now it’s time that he finishes what was started.  Has the ghost of the dwarf returned?  Or was there someone else the entire time?

Dario Argento has returned.  Many will say that he has not made a really good horror film since the late 80’s.  Well, now in 2001 Argento’s latest work, Sleepless, has emerged and it shows that Dario Argento is better then he has ever been.  The film opens victim being killed on a train.  She had stolen some of the killer’s files that he kept on what he had done years before and he was after her in order to keep himself free.  He ends up catching up with the girl and in a very brutal fashion, he kills her.  Later on the girl’s friend finds the file and she also is murdered.  Once word gets out and with the first girl mentioning the word, “dwarf” people are linking it back to the Killer Dwarf from years before.   So now the killer is being brought out and has decided to finish what he started.   I really found myself interested in this film.  The Goblin soundtrack throughout the film was excellent.  The murders in this movie are extremely brutal.   If you’re an Argento fan, then I doubt you’ll have to take my word for it.   Chances are you’ve already picked this film up and have viewed it before reading my review.  If you’re new to Argento’s films, then you might want to start with this one.  Sure, he has plenty of classics, but this one is his newest work and I think is one of his better ones.  Argento has definitely not lost his touch over the years, and I look forward to seeing him continue to show everyone why people think of him as “The Master of Horror.”  Argento fans will love this film.  I give it an 8 out of 10.

Posted on July 15, 2008

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