SleeplessArtisan Entertainment brings us Dario Argento’s newest film, Sleepless, on DVD here in the U.S.  The sound quality is decent.   The Goblin soundtrack really plays well on this DVD and really helps in building suspense in this film.  The picture quality is, well not good at all.  It looks like a VHS of an 80’s film.  Also, the DVD is presented in Full Screen.  At first when I first started buying DVD’s I really wanted them to be in Full Screen, but I’ve been collecting DVD’s for years now and I would much rather have it in Widescreen.   It is just something you would expect in a DVD, and if it has a Full Screen format added to the DVD, then there is usually a Widescreen transfer as well and I always found myself watching the Widescreen version instead of the Full Screen version.  Now, as for the special feature on this DVD, we get trailers for Sleepless, Children of the Living Dead, Center of the World, The Item, and Twin Peaks Season 1 DVD Box Set.  That is pretty much it on the special features.  I remember when we first started hearing about this DVD that there would be a Commentary by the director, Dario Argento, on this DVD.  Well sadly, that is not here on this DVD.  Though one plus is that this DVD is the uncut version of the film.  I’ve heard that the VHS is the “R” rated version.  Now I’m not sure if this is the entire version or not, but it says “Unrated” and it runs 117 minutes.  Artisan did put together a better DVD for Sleepless then they did for the U.S. Ginger Snaps, but that’s not saying much.   Only get this DVD if you really want it.  It’s a great movie but the DVD could have been better.  I give it a 3 out of 10

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Posted on July 24, 2008

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