Sin CityWelcome to Basin City, better known as Sin City.  “Walk down the right back alley in Sin City, and you can find anything.”  Sin City is a tale of three stories that intertwine into one movie.  Marv is a tough-as-nails street fighter and he’s extremely hard to kill.  When the love of his life, Goldie, is murdered in the bed they are sleeping in, Marv becomes the fall guy.  Now, it’s up to Marv to fight this war himself and bring down anyone who stands in his way of killing the ones involved in Goldie’s death.

Shellie is a bartender and Jack Rafferty is a drunk who’s in love with her.  When he gets drunk, he tends to beat on girls, along with his four friends.  Dwight is Shellie’s new boyfriend, and he’s out of his mind.  When Rafferty and his goons go into town to pick up hookers, Dwight goes after them to protect the girls.  The only problem is that Rafferty is a cop, and if he gets killed, the cops will swarm in on the city.

It has been eight years since officer John Hartigan saved little Nancy Callahan’s life from Junior.  Junior was a filthy child rapist who gets excited by hearing girls scream.  Hartigan deforms Junior and should have killed him, however Junior’s father runs the town.  Junior’s father has set Hartigan up to be the fall guy and even framed him for raping and murdering little girls.  After eight years of bring in prison, Hartigan fears for Nancy’s life, so he admits to the crimes and they let him go.  However, this is all part of Junior’s plan because he knows that Hartigan will lead him directly to little Nancy, who is now a 19 year old stripper.  When Hartigan realizes what has happened, he must take Nancy with him so that he can protect her from the mean streets of Sin City.

I had refused to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow because of its CGI, and I have been in many debates over the use of CGI in films and how I will never use it.  However, after seeing Sin City, a movie shot entirely on a green screen, I’ll have to change my debate.  Although, I won’t say that CGI is a good replacement for natural sets, but I will agree that if CGI is done right, it can work, and with Sin City, the CGI is done right and it works extremely well!

With Sin City, the characters are so well developed, you find yourself liking even the most hard nosed of criminals within minutes of introducing them.  There are three stories in this film and all of them intertwine throughout the movie.

The cinematography on this film is amazing.  Even though Sin City isn’t made out to be a place where people would want to live, Robert Rodriguez made it into a beautiful city.  The film is mostly in black and white, however there are parts of the film in color, much like what the trailer shows.  The character of Becky is completely in black and white, except for her blue eyes.  During the scene in the car with Dwight and Rafferty, there are shades of blue, green, yellow, and red that appear while they are driving.

One thing that took me by surprise with Sin City was the violence.  This film definitely earned its R rating.  People get shot, heads get sawed in half, people get beheaded, metal gets shoved between people’s foreheads, and that’s just a little bit of what you’ll find in this movie.  There are far more violent scenes in this film.  Speaking of the violence, this also brings up the character of Kevin, played by Elijah Wood.  Kevin has eyes that will look right through you, and he shows no signs of emotion.  His mouth always has a twisted grin on it, and his fingernails have been fixed to where they are razor sharp.  Kevin is quiet and because he is fast, he can take down the biggest of people.  His character is also a cannibal who likes to make people watch as he eats their body parts first.

Overall, Sin City is an amazing film and I highly recommend you checking it out.  It’s based on a series of graphic novels by Frank Miller, and even though I haven’t read any of them, I hear that the film stays very true to the novels.  Still, Sin City is a beautiful film and every film fan owes it to themselves to see it a couple of times while it’s still in theaters.  I give this masterpiece a 10 out of 10.

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Posted on July 7, 2008

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