Silent Night Deadly NightWhen Billy was a young child he was on his way to visit his Grandfather in a retirement home.  When he arrives his Grandfather is in a comatose state.   Billy’s parents leave him alone and as they do his Grandfather starts talking to him, asking him if he’s been a good boy all year.  When Billy says that he hasn’t he Grandfather tells him that Santa is coming tonight, but it won’t be to bring him toys.   This frightens Billy half-to-death.  On their way home they see a Santa whose car broke down.  Billy’s parents stop and offer the Santa a ride but that goes terribly wrong when the Santa pulls out a gun and shoots the father.  The Santa then kills the mother and goes after Billy, but Billy runs away.  Now Billy and his little brother Ricky are placed in a foster home.  There Billy is treated horrible by the Nuns.  They force him to see Santa when he is young and he is terrified of Santa.   Now Billy is 18 years old and he is working in a Toy Store.  He is a good worker and very strong.  When Christmas rolls around Billy starts to get depressed, and when he is asked to be Santa for the kids on Christmas it drives him over the edge.   All these years of torment and abuse and now he is dressed up as the man who destroyed his life.  Billy embarks on a killing spree, killing everyone who is “Naughty” since that is what Santa did to him because he was “Naughty.”  Billy feels that they must be punished.  And Billy will decide whether you have been naughty or nice.

Silent Night Deadly Night is the movie they had tried to keep you from seeing when it was released.  People hated the idea of there being a Killer Santa in the movie.  So parents got together and forced it to be removed from the theaters.  Well sure enough this made people want to see it even more.  Everyone wanted to see what the fuss was all about.  So when it was released on video it was a huge success.  It has some really good death scenes in this film.  You will feel sorry for the killer and because of this you will find yourself rooting on the killer.  Still it’s your typical 80’s slasher movie, nothing really new.  But it’s a classic in my book.   None of the sequels made you feel sorry for the killer.  The rest of them are just a slashfest.  This is the best of the series.  I give this film a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on July 7, 2008

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