Silent HillRose’s daughter Sharon suffers from nightmarish trances where she refers to a ghost town.  With each nightmare getting worse and worse, Rose decides to take her daughter to the only place she can think of, the town of Silent Hill.  While on the road to Silent Hill, she gets mixed up in a police chase which ends in a wreck for both Rose and the police officer, Cybil.  Rose wakes up to find her daughter missing.  She sets out through the town to find her daughter, companied by Cybil.  Soon, the two discover the dark secrets of the town once the sirens start and the nightmare begins.

Going in to Silent Hill I was expecting the worst.  The trailers looked awful and I had no intentions of sitting through another video game made horror film.  Uwe Boll has given us enough of those.  However, when I found out that Christophe Gans was the director, seeing that I really liked his last film Brotherhood of the Wolf, I knew I should at least check this out.  Not to mention the fact that Roger Avery wrote the script and his stuff is usually pretty good as well.  With those two I figured it had to be better than the crap Boll and Paul WS Anderson put us through, and luckily it is.

Silent Hill has elements in it that remind me of something right out of the nightmares of Clive Barker.  The haunting visuals and graphic special effects made this film seem more like a Hellraiser sequel than the last 30 Hellraiser movies.  The cinematography is amazing amongst the white backdrop of the town, leaving the film with a very atmospheric setting.

Silent Hill drives on its atmosphere.  I remember reading somewhere where this film was called more of a nightmare film instead of just a horror film, and I can see that.  The film gets started early on with the sound of the sirens around the 17 minute mark.  From then on, it’s nightmare after nightmare up until the Clive Barker style ending.

I had not wanted to see Silent Hill until I saw it and I was pleasantly surprised.  This is a beautifully shot, directed, acted, and edited film that will stick with you.  I wouldn’t compare this film to the game because this movie can stand out on its own.

Posted on July 24, 2008

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