Silence of the LambsMGM brings us The Silence of the Lambs on DVD.  This is the third version of Silence of the Lambs to come out on DVD.  Though I have never seen the other two because I kept putting off buying them, I think that this one is probably the best version.  Sadly there are two versions of this DVD as well.  One is the Widescreen version and the other is the Full Screen version.  So when I went and bought mine I made sure it was the widescreen version.  I don’t know but for some reason I would rather see my DVD’s in Widescreen.  When I first started to collect them I wanted them to be in Full Screen because that was the way I was used to on VHS, but after watching so many DVD’s and them all being in Widescreen I think that it’s the only way to watch the movie.  So if you care about it being in either Widescreen or Full Screen, be sure to check underneath where it says “Special Edition” on the top and make sure it says either “Widescreen” or “Full Screen.”  But overall the DVD is great.  The picture quality is excellent, though there is one scene when Hannibal breaks out that has a little bit of grain, but not much.  The surround sound is excellent.  You can hear Hannibal Lecter’s voice coming from all around you.  The special features are excellent with so many deleted scenes and the Making-Of, and all the other stuff.  It’s a great DVD to own, and I’m glad that I waited on this one to come out before picking up the others.  The only reason this DVD doesn’t get a 10 out of 10 is because they are selling two versions one Widescreen and the other Full Screen.  If they were to place it together where you can choose then it’d be a 10.  But it’s still an excellent DVD.  I give this DVD a 9 out of 10

Posted on July 23, 2008

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