Shaun of the DeadShaun’s life is going nowhere fast.  His best friend, Ed, is a bum who lives at his place and is going nowhere faster than Shaun.  They spend most of their time at the pub, The Winchester.  Shaun has issues with his mum, mostly because of his step dad, and he neglects his girlfriend Liz.  And to top things off, the people that work for Shaun pay him no respect.  Life couldn’t get any worse for Shaun, that is until the dead come back to life.

Shaun is the type of guy that everyone can relate to.  He is not someone you’d expect to take charge if something was going on, however when his girlfriend, Liz, dumps him, he realizes that he must get his life in order.  Unfortunately, things are going from bad to worse when the dead come back to life.  Now, Shaun and his best bud, Ed, must fight off legions of the undead, save Shaun’s girlfriend, rescue his mum from the zombified step dad, and make it to the Winchester for some drinks.

One thing I noticed fairly quickly about Shaun of the Dead, is that he reminded me a bit of Lionel from Dead Alive.  However, Shaun of the Dead pays more homage to Romero’s Dead trilogy than anything else.  There is even the line “We’re coming to get your Barbara.”  Another scene involves a gut ripping scene like in Dawn of the Dead, and we even get a Bub style zombie in the mix.

Shaun of the Dead has a good bit of gore scenes, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.  I figured there would be far more gore than it was, instead it’s in small scenes.  I was expecting gore on par with Dawn of the Dead, but it’s still gorier than 28 Days Later.  The thing with Shaun of the Dead is that it knows what it is.  It knows that it’s a gory comedy horror flick.  It’s not a spoof of zombie films, because it very much has its own identity, and it can compete with others in the sub genre!  Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who loves comedies, horror flicks, and zombie flicks in general.  Shaun of the Dead has enough to please the gore hounds as well as being funny at all the right times!  I give Shaun of the Dead a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on July 7, 2008

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