SevenA police drama about a psychopathic killer who is killing people using the seven deadly sins.  Two detectives try and track down the killer, the new detective, played by Brad Pitt, who has a very short temper, and the detective about to retire played by Morgan Freeman.

This isn’t your average police drama.  This one is far more disturbing.  The killer kills off one person who commits one of the seven deadly sins.  The scene when the killer turns himself in was very shocking and disturbing.  And the surprise ending will just leave you wanting to watch this movie again and again.  Though I had rented the old dvd version of this film, so the transfer wasn’t perfect.  It’s only a two hour film, but on  the old dvd version it’s on two sides. Haven’t checked out the newer dvd release from New Line yet, but I hear it’s a big improvement.  But for the overall movie, I give it 8 out of 10.

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Posted on July 7, 2008

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