Session 9Five men are working together to fix up Denvers State Mental Hospital.  While there Mike, the law student who is working to fix up the hospital, finds these tapes of sessions with a doctor and a mental patient named Mary Hobbs.  Mary has a split personality with The Princess, Billy, and Simon as her alter self.  The Princess and Billy are open for discussion, but Simon isn’t, and the doctor wants to speak with Simon because Simon knows what happened to Mary, but Simon won’t be revealed until session nine.  As all five of the workers work in this hospital, the hospital plays games with their minds and plays upon their worst fears.

I never did get to see this movie in theaters because it wasn’t released here where I live.  I had heard plenty of good things about this film so as soon as it was released on DVD I quickly purchased it.  Well, what are my thoughts on this film?  I found it to be quite creepy in certain parts, and the ending is absolutely horrorifying.  At the start we are introduced to the characters.  Once they are working in the hospital strange things start to happen.   Mike finds a tape with a mentally insane girl, Hank disappears, Phil acts very suspicious and considers people liability.  The movie started out slow, but it started to pick up soon.  This isn’t a very fast paced film, but I think it’s paced perfectly.  There are some truly creepy scenes in this film.  Overall, if you’re only a fan of those splatterfest horror films, you probably won’t like this.  There isn’t really any blood in this film, it’s really just a psychological horror film and it does get under your skin.  I highly recommend this film.  Horror hasn’t lost its touch, you just have to search around for the good horror films, and this is one of those that is quite a find.  I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on July 7, 2008

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