Serial Killing 101Casey Noland has decided that in ten years, he wants to be on death role as the most notorious serial killer of all time, and the girl of his dreams, Sasha, is going to help him get on the right track by being his first victim.  However, when a deranged killer is loose in this quiet little town and killing people, the police believe that Casey is the one, so Casey and Sasha must use what they know to find out who this killer is.

Casey has no ambition in life, his gym teacher hates him, and he has a new project asking where he sees himself in ten years.  After trying to talk with Sasha, he discovers that she’s interested in serial killers, so he decides that he wants to become one.  His teacher decides that he needs counseling while the police believe that he’s a serial killer.

There is a lot wrong with Serial Killing 101.  The acting was fairly decent at times, but the plot and dialogue was ridiculous.  First of all, why make a film about a kid who wants to become a serial killer, yet it’s only to impress a girl?  It just didn’t make sense and made him less convincing.  Plus, what was up with that suit the kid wore?  During the film, it is mentioned that Casey is a die-hard horror fan, but he can’t go through his Biology class because dissecting a pig makes him sick.  In my opinion, to make him a horror fan was a slap in the face from this “horror fan” of a director.  I guess he assumes that all horror fans want to be serial killers, or at least say they are to impress some depressed chick.

I was considering giving this film a little bit higher rating, but after writing this review the film continues to get lower and lower in quality.  For all of you self respecting horror fans, don’t bother renting this.  I give it a 2 out of 10.

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Posted on July 7, 2008

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