Chucky took a turn for the silly in his fourth film, Bride of Chucky, but now in Seed of Chucky we can toss aside all concerns about being even vaguely frightened of the wisecracking sociopathic doll. If you’re planning to see this movie for the first time you can definitely benefit from having a full understanding of the fact that it is not meant to scare you, but rather meant to elicit laughs. It’s black comedy all the way to the bank for this installment of the Child’s Play franchise. Oh, and it’s the first Chucky movie to feature nudity, too.

We met Tiffany, Chucky’s doll wife, in Bride of Chucky and she returns for this film, played by Jennifer Tilly. It’s arguable that Tilly is the real star of the show since she not only voices Tiffany, but also plays herself in the movie for a very heavy dose of comic action. Between Tilly and rapper Redman we get enough funny stuff that Chucky himself mere becomes icing on a very funny cake. You can depend on being amused but again, don’t expect any form of ‘suspension of disbelief’ since the filmmakers did not intend for you to take even a second of this movie slightly seriously.

Chucky and Tiffany do end up having a baby, a doll that’s not really like them at all. This Glen (or Glenda) is something of an enigma and totally opposed to Chucky’s savagery. He’s made of gentler stuff and wants nothing to do with the blood-soaked ravages that mom and dad used to enjoy. Tiffany herself decides she’s opposed to the violence too and in a quest for family peace, she and Chucky pledge to stop extinguishing lives in order to provide a good example for young Glend(a). Still, this is a Child’s Play movie, comedy or not, so you don’t have to worry about things going into happily ever after mode. Chucky would never stand for being stopped by anyone, even his own offspring. The killings continue, but morale does not improve.

The ending to this one is not something your reviewer wants to ruin so it will be better if you watch the film for yourself, however it must be said that this installment gets so goofy that some fans might get irritated. That’s a risk any franchise runs when they go from scary to silly as horror movies in the last few decades have seemed to do. They eventually sequel themselves on to the point where they have become a parody of their original movie.

Still, you came to see a killer doll leap around and perform impossible executions while telling sick jokes, right? Chucky and the ever emo Tiffany certainly do give you a performance in this respect and the addition of their gender confused little doll child really does make for an interesting idea. Since Chucky is one of those characters who simply can’t mess up a movie because it’s celebrated specifically for being corny, then you can expect we will be seeing Chucky 25: I’m Still Not Dead Yet, Fools in theaters sometime around the year 2047 if the past is any indication. He’s the icon of a generation and nearly as dear to 80s babies as My Little Ponies and He-Man so you know he’s bound to recur like a case of the flu every few years.

Good to know that some franchises don’t play pretentious and keep catering to our inner child.

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Posted on October 28, 2009

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