Scary TalesScary Tales is the story of a man, named Dennis Frye, who is trying to find a job.  He is offered three jobs, and after each offer he discovers the horrible consequences of what will happen if he takes that job.  The first job he takes is a catering job.  While on the way home he runs over a child.  He leaves the scene and once he gets home all these strange dolls start to appear everywhere.   The second story is about if he takes a job at a bookstore.  He meets this girl that he falls in love with.  So what he does is he uses a book and goes through an outerbody experience.  The third story is if he takes a job as a screenwriter.   He ends up meeting Edger Allen Poe, and Dennis goes crazy.  This one has probably the best ending out of all the three stories.

I was able to get ahold of a screener copy of this film.  It was a very low budget film and was shot on video.  It has some quite hilarious scenes in this film, while they put in the horror.  Michael A. Hoffman did a great job with this low budget film.  The ending to the movie is really good.   Dennis Frye goes to meet Mr. Longfellow at a job placement agency and there he goes through three horrorfying experiences as he accepts each job.  This film is quite good, and Mr. Hoffman shows that he has some real talent in filmmaking.  I give this film a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on July 3, 2008

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