ScannersScanners are a group of people who possess a psychic power.  When a Scanner named Revok wages a war on the Normals, a group of scientist have to find a Scanner that hasn’t yet been discovered, and they have to convert that Scanner to their side before Revok gets him.  This Scanner is named Cameron Vale.   Cameron Vale has no experience with his power, he doesn’t even know how to control it and he doesn’t even know what a Scanner is.  Now he must learn to control his power in order to stop Revok.  Vale is the Normal’s only hope, can he stop Revok or is Revok far too powerful for him?

I had heard nothing but bad things about this film.   So when I first started watching it I was expecting it not to be that good.   Well the first 15 or so minutes was really proving my expectations wrong, and that this was going to be a great film.  Let’s just say that the beginning is quite explosive.  Sadly, after this scene it doesn’t continue with this pace.  The result is an average scifi film, and nothing more.  Many consider this film a horror film, but I couldn’t see much horror in it.  Did I hate this film?  No, I did find it enjoyable to some extent.  It is a well made film by David Cronenberg.   I really think that scifi fans will enjoy it, and I enjoyed it.  Some consider this film a classic and some consider this film to be horrible.  I found it interesting and enjoyable.  I have seen better films, and I have seen a lot worse.   I thought the script was a well written and original script.  Scanners is good for a rental.  I do recommend it.  I give it a 6 out of 10.

Posted on May 31, 2008

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