Horror movie fans are going to get one amazing October if all the Hollywood magic goes down as planned with two major features set to be released which will likely rock the box office in a heavy way. Both Saw VII 3D, the continuation of one of the biggest grossing and longest running modern horror series facing off against last year’s major slayer of demonic possession, Paranormal Activity. Film critics will likely be quick to dash both films since they do not tend to be kind to the darlings of the horror genre, but that likely will not dissuade fans who love a good sequel from their favorite scary franchises. So far, Saw VII has been pulling in director Kevin Greutert for duties on the film when he had been previously considering directing Paranormal Activity 2, a bold move for Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures who both exercised their option to bring him in for directing duties on the upcoming film. This seventh installment of the highly popular Saw franchise is almost guaranteed to bring in big money for the companies and has become a very bankable cinematic endeavor.

Paranormal Activity 2 will be directed by a new director to the horror genre, Tod “Kip” Williams who is known for his previous work on The Adventures of Sebastian Cole and The Door in the Floor. The original Paranormal Activity was shot on a very low budget and was something of a massive hit for audiences after the online campaign to bring it out in theaters proved to be successful. It was shot for $15,000 but it grossed nearly $200 million across the globe. This will be a very tough act to follow, but the coffers should be filled with enough money to give it a good shot at taking down Saw VII 3D this year during the prime horror season.

Posted on June 27, 2010

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