Satan's CheerleadersLet me start out by saying that you shouldn’t watch this movie thinking that it’s very serious. With a name like Satan’s Cheerleaders, it’s obviously anything but. The story, not surprisingly, is very shallow. The Benedict High School cheerleaders are getting ready for their first game. The school janitor, fed up with constantly being made fun of, decides to curse them. On the way to the big game, the school janitor forces the cheerleaders car off the road and kidnaps them with the intent of performing some weird sexual sacrifice in the name of Satan. I’m just gonna stop right here because this story really doesn’t get any better. Yes, it’s throwaway, yes it’s garbage, but at the same time, this movie accomplishes what very few bad movies are able to do: It’s so bad, it’s actually good. I was completely cracking up. This movie was made in 1977 and it shows. From the Shaft-like music playing in the background to the token black guy with the afro that just stands there and smiles to the blinding rhinestones on the janitors jacket. This is some funny stuff.

I give this DVD a 7/10.

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Posted on July 18, 2008

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