Rose RedRose Red was built years ago.  They say that if you go in on one day and count the number of rooms, and go in the next day there will be more.  They say that Rose Red never finished getting built.  Throughout the years it continues to build more onto itself.  For the last few years Rose Red has remained dormant and without life.  Now, as Dr. Joyce Reardon plans to go to Rose Red for a kind of tour.  She gathers a group of psychics and brings them to Rose Red in hopes that the house will feed off of their psychic ability and wake up.  Once they arrive, Rose Red does wake, and it’s not ready to let any of them leave alive.

Rose Red opens with us being introduced to a young Annie.  She was just bitten by a dog and makes rocks fall out of the sky onto the neighbor’s house.  Later we are introduced to Joyce.  Joyce is a Rose Red fanatic and she is gathering up a group of psychics in hopes to wake Rose Red up.  As she brings her team of scientists to Rose Red the house starts to do strange things.  First walls appear out of nowhere and people start to disappear.  Meanwhile, Professor Miller has hired a student who wants to be a reporter to check out Rose Red and put Joyce Reardon out of business.  While he’s there the house attacks him, and this is just the start for the house as it continues to attack others, and it uses young Annie to keep everyone locked inside.

I have been a fan of Stephen King mini-series for quite some time now, and this is another really good mini-series.  Many people compare Rose Red to the remake of The Haunting, I’ve only see part of The Haunting, and Rose Red is definitely the better one.  The characters don’t arrive at Rose Red until part 2 in the 3 part mini-series, but once they do the pace picks up so quickly that the four and a half hours just fly by.  So overall, if you’re a fan of Stephen King, then I can guarantee you that you will love this mini-series.  Sure, it’s not as good as The Stand, but that’s King’s best film and I don’t see any mini-series beating that one.  As for Rose Red, it is very well made, has really good acting, and is quite suspenseful at times.  I give Rose Red a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 30, 2008

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