RingThere is an urban legend of a cursed video tape, a tape that once a viewer watches it they receive a phone call telling them that they have one week left to live, and when the time comes they will be murdered.  Now as a reporter finds the cursed video tape and watches it, she has one week to try and find a way of surviving and discovering the secret behind the video tape before it’s too late.

The movie opens with us meeting two kids.  One of them tells the other that they stayed over at someone’s house and they watched the video tape and the phone rang saying they have one week left to live.  The child didn’t take it seriously and soon enough the week ended and the next morning they were found dead.  Later we meet the reporter who is trying to crack the case about a group of teenagers who all mysteriously died after viewing a tape.  The reporter watches the tape and she herself gets a phone call and now her and her ex-husband are trying to find a way of surviving.

I enjoyed this movie, but I didn’t find it as scary as many have been claiming it to be.  The movie just wasn’t as scary as I was expecting.  There were some scenes that were creepy, especially the ending.  Other scenes that were creepy was when she was viewing the tape.  The things I liked about this movie is that it is very well written and the story is great.  It is full of claustrophobic atmosphere and that adds to it having some creepy scenes.  The things that I didn’t like was that this film really didn’t scare me as much as I was expecting it to.  Everyone had said it was very scary and it just didn’t bother me.  Oh well, I still found it to be an excellent film though.  Of course, when I did see this movie I watched it with a group of friends and during the day.  So I guess that probably lessened the impact of the film.  Another thing that I was disappointed in really has to do with the DVD quality.  The subtitles in the movie were hard to read at times because in daylight scenes they would get blurred and I couldn’t make out all the words.  Overall this movie wasn’t as scary as I was expecting, but it does manage to be a great film.  One thing about this movie was that when the reporter watched the tape, as soon as the phone rang for her, my phone rang as well.  Anyway, this is a pretty cool flick to check out and I highly recommend it.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 30, 2008

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