Revenge of the DeadPlot: When a writer’s girlfriend buys him an old used typewriter, he doesn’t think too much of it. Instead, he starts writing his next novel right away. In the process, though, the ribbon messes up and starts coming out of the machine, forcing him to fix it. This is when he decides to see what was previously written on the ribbon by the previous owner. What he finds is something that leads him on a wild goose chase to find out things about an experiment where they’re raising the dead.

The man sets out on his journey for knowledge with his girlfriend, and meets many friends on the way. He isn’t sure who is screwing him over and who isn’t, but he wants to get to the bottom of everything. He wants to find the priest who used to own the typewriter, and wants to get some answers from him. Will this happen? Or will the dead kill the man and his girlfriend before they find out anything?

Review: When I saw this today at the local flea market, I thought it had promise to be a really good zombie film, so I bought it. I kept this idea up until I watched it tonight, and was utterly disappointed. This really isn’t a zombie film at all, or a horror movie for that matter. It’s just crap. There isn’t really any action, there’s a boring plot, and a lot of the actors dubbed their voices into their characters. This is just where I’m going to begin to tell you how bad it is.

The camera angles were pretty good, but there really weren’t any great ones. The actors were mediocre, as well, because they never were really that great at anything. They just said their lines, and tried a bit. This lent itself to a horrible storyline that involves some imaginary things called “K-Zones” where it is said that time, death, and life do not exist at all. These are supposedly what is allowing the dead to come back alive, but it really makes no sense at all.

The ending is so utterly stupid, that you’ll shake your head at the fact that they even put it as the ending. I think they were just trying to end the movie as quickly as possible, before anyone got so annoyed with it, that they broke it. That was a good idea on their parts, that’s for sure, because I HATED this movie.

Overall, I thought this movie was a waste of money on my side as well as on the people who made it’s side. This is an utterly horrible movie, which showed promise. There’s way too much talking and not enough action. Sometimes you wonder what the hell they’re talking about, leaving you lost for a while. Nothing is good in this movie, so I suggest that you stay far away.

Rental or Purchase? NEITHER.
Rating: 2 out of 10

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Posted on June 30, 2008

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