Return to Horror HighA group of filmmakers decide to make a movie about a series of brutal murders that happened at Crippen High School years ago.  They shoot the movie in the halls where the killing took place.  Now as the movie begins shooting, many of the people involved with the movie are disappearing.  The killer has returned and this psychopath wants to finish what he started years before.

The movie opens police investigating the murders that took place.  We meet Steve, who is a cop, but when the actor playing a cop leaves the show Steve is asked to step in.  He agrees and the filming starts.  Later on we see the movie from three different angles.  We see the past as to what happened, then we see the survivor of the movie telling us what happened to the film crew trying to make the movie, then we see what’s going on after what happened to the film crew.  All this leads up to the killer killing people.

I am really lost with this movie.  As you can tell above, we get three different angles on this film and it really threw me off for some reason.  I’m trying to write a review and I can’t remember which parts took place during which times.  I can’t remember if some scenes were in the flashback to the original massacre, or if they were just in the parts for the film crew.  This movie tries too hard to be something it’s not and it fails.  I’m not sure if the director was going for a horror movie or a comedy.  The jokes weren’t very funny and the horror in the movie wasn’t scary.  Sure we do get lots of blood and gore though.  But it’s nothing special, the horrible cheesy acting really ruins it.  The actor who was playing the cop was played by George Clooney.  He says that he is leaving this low budget horror film so he can become a star on a new TV series.  I thought that was quite a nice little addition, considering the fact that George Clooney starred in the hit TV series “E.R.”  Anyway, this movie is a mess.  I can see how one would enjoy it, but it’s just out there.  Maybe a second viewing is what I need, since I know all that’s going to happen, maybe I’ll get it better.  Oh well, if you’re a fan of 80’s horror you might want to check it out.  It could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse.  I guess it’s worth a rental one rainy night.  I give this movie a 3 out of 10.

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Posted on June 30, 2008

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