Return of the Living DeadFreddy has just started working at an army surplus store.  He is working the night shift along with a man named Frank.  The two get to talking and Frank mentions the movie Night of the Living Dead.  He says that the movie was based on a true story and they stored in zombie’s bodies in the army surplus store.  The two decide to go into the basement and check it out.  When they are in there they accidentally open the case that had the zombies in it.  When they do this a vapor rises out of the case and into the air, spraying all over them.  Soon after they have done this legions of zombies are roaming the city in search for human brains.

The movie opens with us meeting Freddy and Frank.  These two are our comic characters and are always good for a laugh.  Anyway we meet these two and they begin to talk about Night of the Living Dead.  Frank then decides to show Freddy the case where they have the zombies stored.  The two wonder into the basement and end up opening a case.  As the gas rises into the air the two pass out.  A while later they both wake up only to discover that they have two zombies in the building they are in.  Frank decides to call Burt and see what he can do.  When Burt arrives they decide to attack the zombie that they have locked behind a door.  Freddy opens the door and as Frank is preparing to hit it with an axe the zombie runs out and attacks Burt.  They eventually kill it and chop it up into pieces, but it’s still alive.  Burt then tells them that they should bring it to a crematorium.  His friend Ernie works there and that Ernie could burn them.  When they get over to the crematorium and show Ernie what they have, they decide to burn the body.  This only causes more trouble because when they do this the smoke from burning body rises into the air and before you know it it starts to rain.  When this happens, it sinks into the graveyard and wakes up thousands of zombies.  Now they must fight for survival with the help of a group of misfits.

I remember seeing this movie so many years ago.  I had always liked it and thought it was a pretty good movie.  When I heard MGM was releasing it on DVD I knew I had to get this.  Well for the first time in years I was able to watch it again and I found out that I forgot so much of it.  The movie mixes horror with comedy so well.  We get some really nice gore scenes.  We have our two main characters Freddy and Frank always giving us a good laugh, even when the zombies are attacking.  Of course these zombies aren’t like Romero’s zombies.  These zombies can run fast, talk, and crave human brains.  I had always loved the line “Send more cops!” that a zombie says into a cop’s CB radio.  Anyway, this is an excellent movie and a classic from the 80’s.  I recommend this movie to everyone who loves a good movie.  I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on June 30, 2008

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