Resident EvilAs a group of scientists are killed by the lab’s supercomputer.  The supercomputer releases this virus into the building, which is called The Hive.  As the virus is unleashed and the scientists are killed, they begin to stand up and walk again for they have been brought back as zombies.  Now as a team of military units go into the building, not knowing what all happened, they shut down the supercomputer.  Once they do this they unlock the doors that had the zombies, zombie dogs, and all the other creatures locked inside; leaving them able to walk around in the facility.  Now it’s a fight for survival, as legions of the undead and zombie dogs go after the military units who are trapped inside, and their only chance for survival is by turning back on the supercomputer.  Even with it on, will they be able to escape within an hour before all doors to the outside world are locked and they are trapped inside with those zombies who have only one thing on their mind?  Eating human flesh.

The film opens with scientists going to work and once they are there all the doors begin to lock.  They think there is a fire, but they can’t get out of the building.  In one area a group of scientists are trapped in a sealed room where the water system comes on trying to put out the fire that isn’t there, and in turn they drown.  Then there is another group of scientists who are trapped in another room.  In there the supercomputer puts in this poison gas that kills them.  There is another group who is trapped in an elevator, who in turn has the elevator crash, killing them all.  Next we meet Milla Jovovich.  Though for some reason I never did get her name, I guess it’s because I’m not familiar with the game.  But on other sites it says her name is Alice.  Well we meet Alice and she wakes up in the shower.  She then goes walking through her house only to have military units rush in.  Soon she is teamed up with them, as she doesn’t have any memory of what happens before the shower.  They all go into the facility where the scientists were killed, only to turn off the supercomputer and have legions of zombies attack them.

I haven’t played the game in a long time, it’s been I guess five years and I only played it maybe one or twice.  So I never really knew what the game was all about, or the sequels to the game for that matter.  I think it would have helped because this film really doesn’t explain who these characters are.  I went into this film with very low expectations.  I had heard that this film was trying to get a PG-13 Rating, and they had rejected George Romero’s script, so that made me look down on this film as well.  I mean he does have three zombie classics by his name.  Well, with the first 20 minutes or so we get nothing but false scares.  We get everything from lights turning on, to people appearing behind her, even the character Alice, gets scared of a gust of wind.  Well that is pretty much all there was for the first 20 minutes and I figured this movie was going suck big time.  But once the zombies started to appear I found myself really enjoying this film.  Though some of the zombies faces were CGI and that bothered me, but it was only a few that I could tell.  As for the dogs, well they were all CGI.  But once the zombie attack we are treated to a non-stop zombie flick until it ends.  Though there really wasn’t much gore.  The zombies do have gory faces at times though.  We also do get one pretty gory scene later on in the movie when the main zombie dog, one that mutates, eats this guy.  That scene left a big pool of blood on the floor.  I think it could have used some good gore scenes, but overall this wasn’t a bad film.  I really enjoyed it, though I wasn’t familiar with the game so I’m not sure how well it follows it, but what I do know is that it is a fun zombie flick and it’s not as bad as I was expecting it to be.  Just go to this movie and enjoy.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 30, 2008

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