Resident Evil: ApocalypseAfter the virus breaks into the city, legions of the undead are walking the streets.  The Umbrella Corporation has saved a few people, leaving the rest for zombie food.  A crew of police officers must team up with Alice, the only one of them who has survived this before, in order to save the daughter of Dr. Ashford and escape Raccoon City.

The movie picks up right where the original film left off.  However, we get a different look into the lives of everyone else before the zombie outbreak happens.  This was very similar to the beginning of the new Dawn of the Dead.  Soon, we pick up with Alice as she walks through the streets with a shotgun.  Zombies are invading the streets and biting anyone who crosses their path.  A few police officers, including Jill Valentine, run into Alice and team up with her in an attempt to rescue Angela Ashford, a little girl trapped in the local high school.

When I saw the original film, I had extremely low expectations.  My expectations were above average with that film, however it was far from a great movie.  I had even lower expectations with the sequel, and it actually rose above my expectations.  However, that does not mean this is a good movie.  It’s a zombie flick with plenty of zombie action, however even though it’s redder than the original film, it’s still far from gory.

The acting was horrible from everyone in this film.  There were times when it could pass for decent, but most of it was just ridiculous.  The zombies weren’t CGIed this time, so we have no zombies with chunks digitally removed from their heads.  However, we get a lot of quick cuts with the zombies to make them seem faster than they really are, so we don’t get to sit on a zombie for too long.

The movie was fairly decent for the first 45 or so minutes, until we are introduced to Nemesis.  He looked ridiculous and the subplot with the marines was pointless.  No one would act the way these people did in real life.  Sure, people would be terrified if the dead were rising from their graves, however they would not do some of this stuff.  This movie could have been far better if they just made it more simplistic with officers vs. zombies throughout the film.

There are plenty of things that could have been done differently, but those were not touched on.  We are introduced to a number of characters, only to have them killed off within minutes of us getting introduced to them.  You won’t even catch their names, in fact I’m not sure what some of the main character’s names were either.  Check this movie out for a good way to get rid of 90 minutes.  It’s decent and worth watching once for mindless fun, but it’s not one to repeat over and over again.  I give it a 5 out of 10.

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Posted on June 30, 2008

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