Queen of the DamnedIn the sequel to Interview with a Vampire, the vampire Lestat has returned once again.  Lestat has been asleep for over a hundred years, and when he wakes he has a new plan for his future.  He wants to be in the spot light, and the way he decides to do this is by the usage of rock music.  As the vampire Lestat starts his music career, other vampires don’t approve of what he’s doing because vampires are supposed to remain in the shadows.  With his music, he awakens Akasha, the Queen of the Damned.  Now Akasha wants to make Lestat her king and destroy everything that stands in her way.

The movie opens with us being introduced to Lestat as he awakens from his hundred years of sleep.  When he wakes up he decides to visit his old house, and there he finds the rock band practicing in his home.  He decides to become the lead singer of this band and together they will be above the normal people.  Soon we meet Jesse, a girl who has a fascination for vampires.  She learns about the past and we see how Lestat came to be, and how his connection to Akasha started.  Later, Lestat’s music awakens Akasha, a vampire who has been sleeping for centuries.  Now as she returns she pits vampires vs. vampires in her attempts to make this world Lestat’s and her kingdom.  A kingdom filled with corpses.

I really didn’t know what to expect of this movie.  When it was in theaters, I missed it.  So when it gets released on DVD I was sure to pick up a copy.  Before I placed it in my player to watch it I had somewhat good expectations of it.  As a result, I found that this movie both pleased and didn’t please me.  When it was over I was still undecided.  I mean, the acting in the movie was pretty good and everyone did a really good job.  The characters were believable, just the story kind of fell flat.  It just seemed so out there that I really didn’t know what they were trying.  I didn’t really like the idea of hearing Jonathan Davis, from Korn, being the vocals they used for Lestat when he sang.  I’ve heard Korn many times and during the entire time we heard him sing I just couldn’t take it seriously at all.  The first half of the movie almost put me to sleep.  Once we meet Akasha, things start to improve.  By the last few seconds of the movie I somewhat felt that I liked it, but I also felt that I didn’t.  I’m going to say that it’s half good and half not.  Give this movie a rental and see it for yourself.  I give this movie a 5 out of 10.

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Posted on June 29, 2008

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