Puppet Master 5The greedy Dr. Jenings has come to get Blade, Six Shooter, Jester, Pinhead, Torch, Tunneler, and Decapitron to discover why they are alive.  Hoping to get rich quick, he plans to sell their secrets as implements of war.  Sutec, the dark pharaoh from another dimension, has sent his own puppet, Totem, to continue his quest to kill Puppet Master Rick and steal the magic which animates the puppets.  Now with two villains after them, the puppets must get Decapitron back and help Rick save the day.

Another sequel in the Puppet Master series takes us one another wild ride with Puppet Master Rick as the last Totem invades our world trying to steal the secret.  This time the Totem is Sutec himself, whereas in part 4 they were his servents.  This time the Totem is much more deadlier.  For some reason, I like seeing the Puppets as the heroes.  This one and part 4 are my favorites in the series, along with Retro Puppet Master.  This one takes place right where Puppet Master 4 left off.  Some can consider this one and part 4 to be one big Puppet Master movie, because it practically is.   Though not only does Rick and the Puppets have the deadliest Totem, after them.   But he also has Dr. Jennings and his gang in the hotel trying to get the secret.   We are lead on another fun filled ride as we watch the Puppets take on the Totem and Dr. Jennings.  And once again, Puppet Master Rick must activate Decapitron if he wants to stand any chance.  Since this one is pretty equel to part 4, I am going to give it a 7 out of 10.

Posted on June 29, 2008

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