puppet master 4Decapitron, the new head-swapping leader of Toulon’s puppets is the newest puppet who has the soul of Toulon.  This time the puppets have a new Puppet Master and they are fighting for good.  Now they are fighting these new creatures and are helping out Puppet Master Rick.

By this time in the series I was expecting another one like the previous films.  But I was pleasently surprised.  This time the puppets are controlled by Puppet Master Rick, and they are used for good instead of evil.  This one isn’t scary at all.   Infact this one is practically a movie a little kid could watch.  This one is more of a fun one to watch more then anything.  One of my favorite scenes in this one, and in any of the Puppet Master movies is when Puppet Master Rick is playing some sort of laser tag with the puppets.  I just found that hilarious and found the rest of the film fun to watch.  This time the evil is these Totems who are sent to Earth in hopes to try and steal the Puppet Master’s power.  When the Rick and the Puppet’s realize that the Totems are too much to handle by themselves, the must activate the most deadliest puppet yet, the Decapitron.  This one officially turned me into a Puppet Master fan.  And made me eager to see Puppet Master 5, which is a lot like this one.   I give this one a 7 out of 10.

Posted on May 30, 2008

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