PredatorA group of commandos have been sent deep in the jungle to rescue some prisoners.  When they arrive there and find the bodies skinned, they decide to go after the murderers only to discover that something non-human killed the people in this jungle, something from another planet, something known as the Predator.

The movie opens with a spaceship heading towards Earth.  It drops off one of its own and takes off.  Major Hutch, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been contacted by the CIA in order to find a group of soldiers who have been taken hostage.  He takes his men deep into the jungle where they eventually find the bodies of the soldiers.  They have been skinned and left hanging from a tree.  The commandoes then head to a military base and take out each of the soldiers.  On their way leaving, they take a girl with them.  While in the woods, the girl tries to escape and one of the commandos goes after her.  When he catches her, he is brutally slain by an unseen creature.  Now, this creature goes after them one by one as they try to survive this jungle before this predator kills each one of them.

It has been a while since I set down and watched Predator.  The last time I saw it was last summer I believe, if not longer.  Well, today I purchased the DVD and decided to give it a revisit.  When I was purchasing the film, I also bought the second one.  The clerks gave me a weird look and were making comments as if I were a freak.  Oh well, I guess some people just don’t have good taste in movies.  Sure, Predator is filled with blood and guts, which I thought was something great added into an Arnold Schwarzenegger film.  Predator is fast paced and very entertaining, not to mention the non-stop gore.  The acting is very well done and the directing is another plus.  If you’re looking for a great action/suspense/horror flick, I highly recommend Predator.  It is a classic, and any fans of Arnold will love this movie.  I give it a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on June 29, 2008

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