Predator 2With war going on between gangs in Las Angeles, the local cops have enough to worry about.  That is until they find one of the gang’s members brutally slaughtered and left hanging from the ceiling.  Now the police are after a new killer who has joined this war, only this thing isn’t from their world.  The alien predator has returned to earth, only this time it’s not in the jungle, it’s wage its war in the streets of L.A.

War is raging in L.A. as gang members are having a shootout with the local cops.  Many people are wounded.  The police manage to chase a few of them into a building.  Lieutenant Mike Harrigan is leading his men into the building, and once inside they discover the bodies of the gang members have been torn to pieces.  It appears as if the police have someone to help them with this war, only thing is, this creature doesn’t care what side you are on, it’s after everyone.  As the alien starts to kill the police, then turns its targets towards innocent people, it is up to Mike Harrigan to stop this creature before it’s too late.

I really enjoyed the original Predator, and the second film takes an entirely new take from what the original started.  Instead of a military squad facing off against this alien deep in the jungle, it’s a few police officers going after it in the streets of L.A. where crime is rampant.  One thing where this one fails though, is that it doesn’t have the gore that the original had.  The original was all out and would show us the aftermath of the victims once the predator was done.  In this one, we do see the aftermath a few times, but most of the time it is off camera.  Still, this film is definitely worth seeing because it manages to entertain.  It is non-stop and never boring.  If you’re a fan of the original, then I recommend you checking out this one!  I give it a 7 out of 10.

Posted on June 29, 2008

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