PiecesThis bloody slasher film from director Juan Piquer Simon concerns a chainsaw wielding madman whos is roaming a college campus in search of human parts for a ghastly jigsaw puzzle.  The killer is creating the body of his mother by the body parts of his victims.

I think that the problem with this film is that people expect too much from it.  They are expecting to see another Halloween or something.  If you just sit there with expectations low, you will be very surprised.  This movie has enough gore to sastify anyone who is into the Italian gore genre.  A killer goes through the college campus with a chainsaw and hacks people up in the goriest ways.  The dubbing in this movie is pretty bad, but if you can get past it you will enjoy this film.  The police Lieutenant is played by Christopher George, who also played in the Lucio Fulci film “City of the Living Dead.”  This movie is extremely fast paced, but the ending wasn’t all that great. It doesn’t take someone who has seen hundreds of horror movies to figure out who the killer is in the first 15 minutes.  But overall, this is a great movie to watch during the middle of the night.  I give it 6 out of 10 stars.

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Posted on June 29, 2008

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